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Is it possible to use a GIF as an avatar? If so, what am I doing incorrectly?


Hello! Trying to use this as my new avatar, but I can't get it to work.

When I use a URL and link to that, when I click update, it doesn't show an avatar.

I am no good at computers!  :-[
What am I doing wrong, gang? Thanks, everybody!

Did some digging because I remember helping Fatty the Hutt with this problem years ago. The answer that helped him at the time was this:

--- Quote ---I'd say your problem is the actual file you are linking to. I'm not sure if it has been edited or converted to an avatar size or how it is formatted but that could be your issue.
--- End quote ---

He got it working and answered that size does matter.

I know on the rare occasion that I've used a gif avatar, I did it by uploading it to Imgur and then formatted it to the right size (or just used the thumbnail link they'll provide for an image). I would think it would be the same process here.

It was just a little TOO big. And I am leaving that opportunity for a joke alone, as I feel above it for the time being.
Thanks for your help, Khushrenada!


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