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Never mind!



That would be a real shame to lose someone that has been here pretty much forever. 

I know you have been going through lots personally but maybe just  taking a break would be better.

Thanks BeautifulShy! I did end up taking a break from lots of places in general two weeks ago. Left all the Discords I was in and just took some much needed breathing time. I'm doing much better, though, thankfully, and am planning to be and stay here for the long haul. ha

Sorry, all!

It's fine. You've been pretty open in the past about having bipolar depression so when you made the original post, I chalked it up to you just having a bad day at the time. While I could have banned the account at the time, it seemed more prudent just to leave it be and wait. If you did change your mind then you wouldn't have to go through the extra work of getting it unbanned later or start another. And if you did decide to stay away, well, I don't think the dormant account was going to hurt anything. Glad to hear that you are feeling better once more. *thumbs up emoji*


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