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Forum Password Reset Broken

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I changed devices recently and tried logging into the forums to no avail.  I tried every password I could think of and couldn't log in.    So I tried to get an email to reset my password - no go.  I was completely unable to get an email sent to me.

Grabbed my old device and I'm accessing the site with it for now.


I've sent you a pm. If you can't receive, message me on Discord. I've changed your password and sent the new one to you to see if that will fix your problem.

Okay.  I'm back in.  But how do we fix this for anyone else? 🤣

As long as they contact me via the correct carrier pigeon or smoke signals then I can help change their password and get them back as well.

However, I do think the password e-mail reset has been broken for a long time now. I feel this has come up before where people logged on a new account or contacted someone else from the forums to relate the issue of needing a password reset going back maybe 8 years or so.

Man alive, eight years?

Thread has been forwarded to the tech team, I'm honestly shocked it never was an issue.


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