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Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins

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Should we go heads?...or TAILS?

Been busy with many fandoms  this past week and am thankful I checked the forum before bed.  Looks like I am up next after Insanolord reveals the results. 

Hmm the Lakers have so many co stars in their history and I think I will go with those for the first few rounds and then go into the different fandoms I have been a part of as role play.  Hopefully I stick around and if not then I will keep the role play going just to keep the game even more fun.

Lets see what happens with this Stratos Safe Word!

I know the answer....  8)

The coin flip went Stratos' way. BeautifulShy, it's now up to you.

Allow me to influence that choice by dropping the hint that the bomb word I selected... has at least one vowel in it.

Are you sweating...?


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