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Why do you think NWR's forums rarely get active new members?

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Maybe the question I am posing isn't even correct or have any truth to it, so if so, then I apologize!

Regardless, I have noticed that new users that remain active are few and far in-between.

Now, this is just my theory, which may be totally unsubstantiated, but I notice that we basically have a clique/club of personalities here at NWR's forums that are well-established. We're all pretty close for the most part (well, as "close" as one can be as personalities on a message board forum), so that might make new users feel like outsiders and make it seem hard to fit in.

In what ways could we make new users feel more like they're a part of something great instead of feel like they're on the outside looking in?

Just food for thought. I'm going to eat a sandwich now since my brain ate its food, but now my stomach wants food!

I think its more the fact that places like Nintendolife steal our thunder.

Forums in general are slowing down in favor of things like Twitter and (more realistically) Facebook.

Both yucky, i prefer forums.

Mop it up:
I suspect this happens with most relatively small sites like this, I think these days most people prefer larger communities such as GameFAQs and the like. Some people may also seek out newer sites to support. I'm not sure if your theory is it, though it could be part of it. Wouldn't surprise me.

I was also going to suggest what Shaymin said, that social networking sites have made forums seem a bit obsolete for most people. Older folks like us still prefer forums.


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