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Mafia 89: RECVMake Neighbor Day 2

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Tie Broken.   

Nickmitch is voted out. 


--- Quote from: Khushrenada on April 27, 2022, 12:55:43 AM ---
--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on April 27, 2022, 12:30:58 AM ---Thread locked and tallying votes....

Vote tally

The Perm and TopHatAnt123 voted Mop it up
Khushrenada and Mop it up voted for Nickmitch
Order.RSS voted for TopHatAnt123

So we have a two way tie between   Mop it up and Nickmitch.

Here is how things can work.

One of the players voting for a player can either unvote their vote to cause the other player in the tie to be voted out.    Order.RSS can change their vote fromTopHatAnt to one of the players in a tie. 
Another option is that someone who hasn't voted can vote for either Nickmitch or Mop it up to make one of those players have 3 votes and thus breaking the tie.

If none of those happen within the 30 minute tie break period then I will randomly kill someone alive.

--- End quote ---

Geez Louise, BeautifulShy! You're tallying the vote an hour before the day ends, 17 minutes before the day ends but it takes 30 minutes to retally it again? What's that all about?  ;D ;)

--- End quote ---

I was finishing the last of the Pelicans and Suns game as I was tallying things and I also had to type out who was voting for who in the tie so folks would know who could change their votes and making sure of the rules on tiebreakers so I was absolutely sure on it.     I triple checked who was voting for who.

Okay night actions start now and run for 24 hours unless I receive all the night actions and confirmation on that action.   

Alexia Ashford you can send me a message to me if you wish to neighborize or use a hit.   One or the other every two days.  Grow your team or take out a player? 

Claire you can send in your investigation or save it and have two tomorrow night if not roleblocked.

Steve Burnside you can self protect and/or protect someone.  You can also self protect and protect someone but note you will use up one of your self protects even if you are not targeted.

Sadler you can roleblock someone tonight.     


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