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Mafia 88: Hey Pikmin, Four..m A Mafia! Day 8.

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Luigi Dude:
Yeah with Wah being vetted now, the evidence just points too strongly toward MASB.


looking through their posts I'm not more suspicious of MASB or Bungle5.

Ideally they are both mafia. I'm going to go on the Bandwagon here. Either One is the blue pikmin, Olimar, or the last unvetted innocent townie.


Excuse me if I am incredulous after reading that I am a suspect. I would be interested to hear what MASB and Wah have to say about all of this. Yes, people in the Xander vote could have been mafia tossing one of their own under the bus just to be trusted, but couldn't the same thing be true of Order leading the vote on ShyGuy? I will sit this one out, but promise to follow this alliance should MASB be a Pikmin.

Comparing both players:

Voting record: No Vote, nothing, nothing, Shyguy (Townie), Xander (Mafia), nothing, Shyguy (Mafia Recruit).
Notable votes: Day 1 the first No Vote. Day 4 they vote Shyguy, who later gets recruited. Day 5 opens the bandwagon on Mafia Xander.

Voting record: Pokepal (killer), nothing, nothing, Luigi Dude, Luigi Dude Xander (Mafia), nothing, nothing.
Notable votes: Day 1 he joins Mafia Xander's vote against Pokepal. Day 4 he pushes Luigi Dude tied with No Vote. Day 5 he pushes Mafia Xander tied with No Vote. Did not join the Shyguy bandwagon on Day 7 unlike Bungle5.

I don't see a smoking gun on either player. The fact both were instrumental in pushing Xander out is notable, as without them it would likely not have happened. Neither really capitalized on the success either to install themselves as Townie Alliance leaders.
On balance I think MASB has a slightly worse voting record, setting up ties to overrule the No Vote, but he has never No Voted this game so might just not like them as they stall the game. Bungle5 has voted against just two players and both were Mafia (eventually).

I was massively wrong on MASB last time, so I'd like not to be wrong twice in a row. Willing to change my vote based on a convincing argument. To add pressure though, Vote MASB

--- Quote from: TOPHATANT123 on February 17, 2022, 02:52:37 PM ---Since Xander has been inactive for most of the game, it's possible that both Bungle and MASB bandwagoned their own team mate to build clout.
--- End quote ---

Possible yes, but they didn't all bandwagon.
Day 5: Bungle5 starts the vote on Xander, is followed by Wah, and then MASB changes their vote from Luigi Dude to Xander as well. (MASB had voted along with Wah the previous day too).


--- Quote from: The President on February 17, 2022, 03:28:47 AM ---Now, you may be wondering, isn't the Vigilante dead as well? Usually when a player hits the bomber then both are eliminated. That is usually the case but it isn't for this game and you'd think with all that I typed in the rules that I would have made this more clear. The rules for the bomber were focused on the effect they have by being voted out and eliminating all those who vote for the bomber as well as bomb rocks. However, in this game, the bomber was included with all the other non-Mafia roles when I assigned out pellet values and even damage effects. In fact, the bomber had a damage effect assigned to them. It makes no sense to do that if a Mafia member targeted the bomber for a hit. They have to hope that the circumnavigate the damage effect just to get blown up anyways and then still don't get the pellet value assigned to that player? The only role that mentioned being blown up with the Bomber was the Killer role. The Killer would go down with the Bomber making that role the Killer's Achilles Heel as it were. However, the Vigilante role did not have that restriction or warning if they hit the Bomber. So, just like the Mafia could successfully hit the bomber and survive, the townie Vigilante could also get that same privilege. Since the Bomber is not on the townie side, the Vigilante stays a Vigilante and is not changed to a Killer role. Hope that's clear and makes sense to you all.

--- End quote ---

This is grade A bull and I demand his head.


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