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I was just mainly talking to you about things.  I think it is safe to just end the conversation and delete these comments entirely.

I was reading over the Crisis Mafia game. 

First, I apologize that I never proofread anything.  Second.  Man, that game was crazy...I wish I had the energy to do something like that again. 

It also makes me wish we can have gifting of games on Wii U and prize mafias again.

I think the Wii U now has gifting available again. I remember people talking about starting up secret Santa again because of an update a month or two ago in regards to this. But I could be misunderstanding what happened since I didn't follow the news that closely.

Anyways, it's time I really updated this thread. I haven't posted almost half the games we have since played from the last update.

ahem cough cough, my wins didn't happen then?

You have wins?!  :o :o :o


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