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where's the trailer?

I still haven't seen it.

All I've heard is that people are complaining that Chris Pratt sounds nothing like Mario... not even italian or whatever. Haven't really ran across too much regarding this movie tbh.

Here's the Nintendo Direct, if you want the whole thing.

And here's just the trailer.


--- Quote from: BlackNMild2k1 on October 10, 2022, 11:34:01 AM ---All I've heard is that people are complaining that Chris Pratt sounds nothing like Mario... not even italian or whatever. Haven't really ran across too much regarding this movie tbh.
--- End quote ---
Mostly the same here. I have watched the trailer, and I was completely wrong about Jack Black. He's not using his regular voice. His Bowser voice is pretty good from his two lines of dialogue.

As for Chris Pratt, I'm willing to hear more before critiquing it. It sounds like he's changing his voice a little bit. Unlike Black, you can still hear Pratt's natural voice which seems to be a lot of people's issue.

Personally, I'm not bothered by the lack of an Italian accent because Mario isn't Italian. Canonically, homeboy was hatched from an egg and was born and raised in the Mushroom Kingdom so if anything, his canon accent is an odd choice. And as much as I generally don't question Charles Martinet's performance ("It's-a me, Mario" is so ingrained to me), I've had mixed feelings about actors doing stereotypical ethnic accents since watching Hari Kondabolu's documentary "The Problem With Apu" (recommended, check a look if you have a chance).

The homer in me will always think of Captain Lou Albano as peak-Mario. RIP. If Nintendo and Illumination wanted to avoid any controversy, they should have cast this beloved Italian-American actor to universal acclaim and adoration.

The Apu thing is kind of funny because I've heard that stereotypical Indian accent is partially a result of some of the earlier colonials being Welsh soldiers. So, whenever someone is doing a stereotypical Indian accent it's really a Welsh accent. There's some debate about whether or not this is true, but I buy it. Most Indians don't have that accent today though. Most heavy stereotypical accents are archaic accents. And probably spread by Mel Blanc.

Germans are weirded out by the stereotypical accent, but that is what they used to sound like. And some still do. I watch this German Youtube  named Fili from Germany and she's discussed it in the past. But I don't think she's watched Sabine Hossenfelder who has the straight up stereotypical accent. As far as actual German accents in German I'm used to, I understand a Liebzig and Bavarians speaking Hochdeutch. Other dialects are really hard to understand.

English is an unusual language because it doesn't have standardized vowel and pitches like say Spanish or Italian. So, it's sort of a feature that you can tell where someone is from by accent. Most other languages it's more related to word choice. There may be some regional consonant changes, but not really a whole shift in vowels like in English. If you're not using the proper vowels in most languages then you're not speaking it right. In English it doesn't matter.

It grates my ears though when people are inconsistent with their accent. I'd rather someone speak with an accent the entire time then to code switch for loan words. It just sounds odd. I live in Arizona and everyone speaks Spanish here, but I'll be watching a newscast and the it's like the newscasters are having a seizure every time they say a Spanish loanword. That would be like if I was speaking about London and Piccadilly Circus and I suddenly affected an accent for just those words. The newscasters still say Detroyt for Detroit instead of D'twa. Consistency. But then again my original dialect is Southern American/AVE, and I can't keep my own accent straight, so, I'm just a big hypocrite.

It is interesting to see a double standard when it relates to language imperialisms. Where really one language it is very wrong to speak in a divergent way, and in another it is quaint and entertaining.

as far as people using accents for characters ,it really depends on how you frame it. Either you're making fun of a group of people or you're celebrating the diversity of different dialects.

I'd love them to cast Danny Devito. He turned down Pikachu. He's probably not that interested. Or they're not offering him enough money. It's interesting that you brought that up, because I did make a series of stable diffusion generations with him as Mario

and this Dalle2 generation I did looks like Oscar Isaac. I didn't specify Oscar Isaac, it just came out that way. The prompt was : A film still from a gritty 1970s Martin Scorsese movie about Waluigi. Realism. 4k. 8mm. Grainy. Panavision.

I did De Niro too

and Al Pacino

I made whole mess of Mario Kart ones, but I haven't uploaded them anywhere. I got to cherry pick through those.

Bumping this because I am super excited for this movie and the Super Bowl trailer was fun.

Yes that number actually works.


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