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It looks good. Surprised there isn't a thread on this considering this is a Nintendo forum. Though, not surprised considering how dead this place is.

There's a thread in talkback, with no replies, and it's to announce there will be a Nintendo direct two days ago.

Anyhow. It looks great visually. The biggest most jarring chatter I hear is "why doesn't he sound like the Mario I know?"

Which amuses me because I remember being 13 years old and thinking "why does Mario suddenly sound like Mickey Mouse?"  This was after playing through Mario's Missing, Watching the Super Mario Bros. The Movie, and several seasons/iterations of the Super Mario Super Show. And he sounded like a gruff guy from Brooklyn instead of a Castrado.

It'd be neat to compile a video of the farious Mario voices over the years.


--- Quote from: UncleBob on October 08, 2022, 01:09:45 PM ---It'd be neat to compile a video of the farious Mario voices over the years.

--- End quote ---

I was looking at the original Japanese Anime for this reason.

The art and animation were really good. I'm excited to see more. Chris Pratt definitely sounds like Chris Pratt, but I guess that's ok. Jack Black seems poised to steal the show.

Jack Black looks like Bowser in human form. A lot more than Dennis Hopper did.


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