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"No way. People are blind." - The Miraculous Ladybug thread.


So this show just wrapped up it's third season and it's surprisingly good. Love triangle and love squares or love roombuses or whatever are generally the absolute worst thing in any media but this stupid show has the right blend of clever writing and self awareness to make it work.

An average Miraculous Ladybug episode in a nutshell.

It's a superhero show where the two main leads are madly in love with eachothers alter egos. The entire show is just a massive, glorious, ship tease and as someone who absolutely does not give a **** about that stuff usually it has absolutely enraptured me.

Also that theme song is catchy as hell.

Agreed - my kids love the show, and I think it's well written.

Somehow Miraculous keeps flying under the radar though. It's recently come up in discussion several times with friends/coworkers who all kind of assumed that others probably don't know about the show... but we all knew, just nobody was talking about it.

Somehow I keep getting Sailor Moon vibes it, but less mystical and more superhero.  Also, it's more grounded and has a much smaller cast.  Not sure if others feel the same way though.

So holy **** the episode Cat Blanc went places. It's an absolute emotional rollercoaster of an episode that's well worth checking out.

I just started the fourth season and things are really starting to pick up for this show. It feels they're really starting to take some risks after playing it fairly safe for the first 3 seasons and the show is all the better for it. 3 seasons of building up a cast of side characters has really paid off.

My gf just introduced me to the show and I am already looking forward to season 5!
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