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I've been a little hesitant to start a Star Trek thread given how some of the recent discussions of it in other recent threads have gone, but the release of the first teaser for the new Star Trek: Picard series made me do it.

The series will take place post-Nemesis and will involve a story related to the destruction of Romulus, which was the event that led to the time travel that created the timeline the recent JJ Abrams Star Trek movies took place in. After a long stretch of prequels, Star Trek will be moving forward though not to the degree season 3 of Discovery seems to be.

Not sure how to feel about Picard, since we still don't know what kind of series it will be from that teaser.

Speaking of prequels, though, this came across my Youtube feed this morning and looks quite impressive. It's a Star Trek Enterprise fan film of all things. I'm kind of shocked that Paramount hasn't taken this down. Looks fairly legit.

Unfortunately, the video quality seems to be kind of...****.

There's always Axanar, too, the fan film apparently so good and so professional that Paramount immediately moved to kill it and any future fan films.

Or the film that was trying to make money off Paramount IP instead of just being a fan film.


--- Quote from: UncleBob on May 23, 2019, 07:07:17 PM ---Or the film that was trying to make money off Paramount IP instead of just being a fan film.

--- End quote ---

Well, that's certainly the lawyers' perspective. I would point out, though, that if that's what Paramount actually thought, they'd have shut down the kickstarter when the creators put it up. After all, they were soliciting money for a property they didn't own and the kickstarter was very public.

I find it telling that I didn't see word about Paramount trying to shut it down until Prelude to Axanar released and the general reception was that it "was better than the trash that Paramount was officially releasing under the Star Trek name (the Abrams movies and Discovery)." And then Paramount went out to release a series of demands on fan films to prevent ones from being made again that could compete with the quality level of an official release.

Your timelines are a bit mixed up.

Also, Alex Peters is the one that repeatedly went to Paramount and asked them to set fan film guidelines.  Then cried when he didn't like them.

If Mr. Peters is such an  amazing, quality professional, I assume I can view some of his other, original and creative works, along with their awards and accolades somewhere?


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