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SPOILER ALERT: MCU Thread (Quantum-Ant-Man-ia)

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I'm caught up. I liked She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Spoiling a Daredevil in the final trailer was a colossally terrible move that Marvel keeps falling for. Even the tease at the end of Episode 5 lingered too long. Speaking of, I disagree with sentiments that Daredevil was too jokey. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a comedy. When Matt Murdock shows up, you play up that aspect since this isn't his show (similarly, the Harley Quinn show absolutely gets this right). He'll likely be more like Netflix Daredevil in Daredevil: Born Again.

Anyway, the first season of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law played out like a origin story so I expect subsequent seasons to ramp up quickly since they won't have to do the whole "I'm not a super hero" thing again. The cliff-hanger was great. The licensed music in the show is A+.

I'd have to rewatch Ms. Marvel to comment on it. I mostly liked it though I had some issues.

Thor: Love and Thunder was pretty good. I'd have to rewatch this as well though I remember thinking the third act, especially the ending was kind of rushed and Gorr had less than 10 minutes of screen time. I really want Marvel to leverage Disney+ more. Even a three-episode limited series of Gorr hunting gods would have been great here.

I'll always lament that Marvel didn't have an Eternals limited series as a lead up to the movie. They could have told some smaller, personal stories (notably light on CGI) to fill in exposition and develop these characters.

Okay, for realsies caught up now. I thought last week was the finale which was an excellent cliffhanger, and I would have been perfectly fine if that was how the season ended.

Jessica Gao really leaned into the fourth wall break, and I was there for it. The entire K.E.V.I.N. scene was awesome. I particularly liked Jen dunking on various characters having daddy issues, the X-Men namedrop, and "See you on the big screen... No." It was all great though. I haven't read any reviews or comments about it. I expect the ending to be divisive especially with the way incels have been treating the show.

I got snookered by the fake big fight scene. I was like "What the hell is even going on with 19 characters showing up?" so I'm glad they swerved in such a big way. I'm less enthused about the Skaar reveal though I'm willing to keep an open mind. Emil going back to prison really annoyed me because again, Marvel has done such a bad job separating the heroes' actions with the villains'. Glad the mid-credits scene kind of walked it back.

Anyway, I forgot about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. I mostly liked it. While the cameos were great, having the entire Illuminati job to Wanda was kind of silly. Apparently, John Krasinski isn't a lock to reprise the role in the Fantastic Four movie which I will thoroughly hate if true because I like consistent casting. Yeah, variants, I know. Just seems like such an unnecessary tease.

Otherwise, I don't see know how Wanda can come back from this movie except as a variant. It'd be a real shame if Scarlet Witch and Magneto don't meet in the MCU.

As a side note, when America and Doctor Strange end up in Earth-838, there's a bench with a hostile design bar in the middle. Nice to know that in alternate universes, everyone still hates the poor.

I really enjoyed the whole She-Hulk show. I loved the homage to the Bill Bixby show. I used to watch The Incredible Hulk on The Sci-Fi channel.

I finished She-Hulk today. I really liked the show overall. The ending was a bit of a miss for me. The massive fourth wall break felt anti-climatic. While I didn't need the big fight scene, when Jen comes back to reality, the whole issue is just solved. The police just showed up and arrested everybody. Also, they seemed to completely undo Emil's character development. Although, I guess they alluded to it with the electric fence/inhibitor scene.

The scene itself was cool for the reasons Adrock laid out. It just felt like the season avoided a climax. I did like that Jen handled it her own way, something more in line with her character and the rest of the show. It just didn't feel like she did anything other than stumble upon the villain and call the police.

Time for another title update!!

Black Panther was good. I was into it from start to finish. It was long, but honestly, it could've been a bit longer and I wouldn't have minded.
I thought they handled Boseman/T'Challa passing very well, reflecting the real life situation into the movie (suffering in silence and not telling anyone). The grief and mourning throughout the movie was handled with care. There was a lot of loss handled in this movie, just as the previous.
Although I was happy to see one of the losses make a cameo that made sense with the return of Killmonger (and a new hairstyle) as a representative of the Ancestral Plane for Shuri. Made perfect sense for her struggle in the movie at that point.

I was a little disappointed that Shuri didn't buck tradition and share the Heart Shaped Herb with more heads of state at the very least for the Wakandans, as that was what the "Atlanteans" had done and why their whole race was so powerful. But I guess part of the movie was about honoring the ancestors and traditions that came before you. But tell me M'Baku in full Beast Mode would've have been dope as ****, with his own Gorilla Suit even. could've been M'Baku vs Attuma, no holds barred, while Okoye instead goes after Namora (yes I know that invalidates her female strength as a woman warrior, but BM M'Baku vs Attuma could've been awesome)

Honestly, I really felt like the whole conflict between the Wet world and the Dry world could've been completely avoided (and I expect this to be on HISHE at some point) by Namora and crew not jumping Shuri, Okoye and Riri on the bridge. Letting them get her back to Wakanda, and then basically nurturing her there.
I understand that Namor doesn't know nor trust any of them further than he could throw one of their flying ships, but he didn't even give them a chance to fulfill the mission he set them on.

I also really can't wait to have New Rockstars shows me all the little easter eggs I missed, as I haven't read 75years worth of comics to catch everything.... like the Conch Shell given to Queen Ramonda.

I also would love to see a little battle with Thor vs Namor. I see Thor getting real irritated with Namor jumping through the air, being too fast and not standing still.

Speaking of which, I though Namor and his little winged feet were pretty awesome. The way he seemed to run and jump through the air was cool. Glad they just full embranced the character and his oddities.
Seeing Tolokan (aka Atlantis) and how he used Vibranium to give them a "Sun" in the ocean was pretty dope.
Also the Siren Squad that would lure the land dwellers to fall into a trance and throw themselves into the ocean to be dispersed without resistance was also really cool.

I really love how Marvel will use myth, legends, real locations, and actual historical events to shape the world they create to keep it as grounded and relatable as possible in their fantasy world.

Using the beliefs of the old Mayan(?) Civilization that was thought to have just disappeared, to be the ones to find the root and evolve to descend into the depths of the ocean and create an undiscovered underwater civilization (lost city of Atlantis) greater than most up on the surface, just being the latest example.

Overall, a really good movie.
p.s. There is only the mid-credit scene, there is no post credit scene.


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