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Ben Solo is the Force Awakens character. Ben Skywalker is the Extended Universe Character.


--- Quote from: ThePerm on December 21, 2015, 04:22:33 PM ---Ben Solo is the Force Awakens character. Ben Skywalker is the Extended Universe Character.

--- End quote ---

I knew that I was just trying to confuse people. Still he does have Skywalker blood in him so...

BranDonk Kong:
If Rey isn't Luke Skywalker's daughter, the she is Obi Wan Kenobi's grand daughter. In fact, that would make a lot of sense. However, I think the look in each other's eyes at the end, and the fact that Kylo Ren could see that she had visions of the island where the Jedi Temple is point to her being Luke's daughter. That's who was taking off I'm the ship in her flashback. Why else would Anakin's light saber be calling to her?

And then Finn will end up being Mace Windu's grandson and the Prequel crowd go nuts and the OT crowd suddenly hate this movie for no good reason.

Rey doesn't have to be a descendant of Vader or Kenobi though, that would be a George Lucas sized short-sighted thing to do, this universe has to be larger than there are only two lineages and one black family in the whole galaxy like Lucas envisioned.

Now it makes sense though if you think about it, he had a daughter and Leia had a son, then Luke witnesses Ben turn to the darkside despite his best efforts and goes on a hunt to find the Jedi Temple where he learns why Jedi are not supposed to make babies and have children. But if the Force can ONLY be spread through blood line and Jedi were not allowed to mate, then the whole Jedi order went extinct thousands of years ago, so again pulling on loose threads Lucas did not have the foresight to tie up leaves Abrams and company with a huge gaff to over come.

So If the Force doesn't require lineage to spread then why does Rey have to come from a Jedi bloodline at all why can't she just be the Force Spawn like Anakin was to bring balance back to the Force? Well obviously that would only make sense if she was ten years younger than Ben so the Force would know it was out of Balance and the Light Side would spawn a miracle baby. Another loose thread thank's to Lucas.

So there really is no easy way out of this. She ends up having to be the offspring of Kenobi, Skywalker, or Palpatine in order for people to not have to think too hard and Lucas didn't care about loose ends but I am not so sure Disney wants to make these films as overly complicated as Lucas made his last three.

Nile Boogie Returns:
As much as they are differentiating from the EU, BEN SOLO is Darth Caedus. They could make Rey "Skywalker" work long as Finn still becomes the Hero he's meant to be by episode 9.

Also, how the hell Does Maz get Luke's original lightsaber?


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