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Also, another factor. People tend to reproduce in high numbers to counteract the effect of plagues and pandemics. When the threat of pandemics is reduced due to high sanitation efforts people don't do this. As time goes on certain highly advanced societies don't reproduce as much.

King of Twitch:
Gwen Christie says she'll be in the next movie. also one of the only characters, like Rey, to have a British accent. Anybody think they're related?

I've seen that theory floating around that she's the Dark mother. IDK meh on that one. I like the theory that Rey is related to Snoke or Palpatine better. Still, kinda cliché.

what about the theory that Rey is a clone of Shmi

or just Luke's Daughter....

or maybe Rogue One will have the answers we seek?

I heard BB-8 is Secretly Snoke.

Nobody wants to hear about your JarJar.

- D


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