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Wait...Why is she "Princess" Leia?

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Nile Boogie Returns:
Her birth father is Anakin Skywalker and her adoptive father is Senator Bail Organa. I dont know about her other mom but "Queen Amidala" was elected and was not part of a monarchy. So whats this Princess tish about? Was Bail also King? Is Luke secretly a Prince (thereby making Spaceballs far more accurate)? Maybe "Princess" is also an elected title and she keeps the name as homage to her dead planet? *insert shoulder shrug here*

My guess is he was both king and a senator.

Nile Boogie Returns:

--- Quote from: NWR_insanolord on October 12, 2015, 01:09:19 PM ---My guess is he was both king and a senator.

--- End quote ---

A King and a senator is a paradox of democracy.

Not really, they're in completely different contexts. He'd be a king of Alderaan and a senator on the galactic scale. It may just be a largely ceremonial office at that point with no real power, like in modern England, but got elected to the galactic senate outside of that.

I feel sure there was a story in the EU that explained this... but that got thrown out with everything else. I'll just go with it being Disney and the "princess" term is disgustingly marketable.

Plus you know you want to hear more dialogue gems like "Excuuuuse me princess!"


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