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I don't recognize that line. I must not have come to it yet.

Dan Laser:

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on March 26, 2015, 09:10:47 PM ---
--- Quote from: Dan Laser on March 26, 2015, 09:01:10 PM ---And now I have the Robot Hell song in my head.

--- End quote ---

How can you have that song stuck in your head? I can't remember a thing about. I can only remember some of the animation. I'm still in shock over how horrible it was. Maybe that's just me.

--- End quote ---

I don’t know! I guess I’ve seen it a lot. Whenever I watched reruns, it seemed like it was either that episode or the Titanic one. The other Robot Devil episodes are better, at least. And the Titanic episode does lead to some other storylines, such as Kif and Amy. In Simpsons terms, it would be the Babysitter Bandit episode for me as a kid.

--- Quote ---
--- Quote ---and Nibbler’s shadow is really in the first episode.

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Really? Where? Of course, I wasn't looking for him and forgot he even existed until the 4th episode but I'm just kind of curious about when in the episode it happens.

--- End quote ---

It's during the new year count down, just as Fry’s chair tips back and he falls in the cryo chamber. It’s on the wall, near the chair legs I believe. I looked it up to see if they added that into later releases, but it was apparently even there in the original run. Neat!

Which season are you up to?

One random thing that I’ve always found funny is all of the owls instead of pigeons in the future.

--- Quote ---Also, just to derail this thread for a moment, looks like I was wrong about Better Call Saul. Jimmy did work at HHM. A pretty strong episode that I thought was starting to tie a lot of things together and is now giving a better picture of what may happen in the Chuck and HHM conflict.
--- End quote ---

Hah, yep looks like little Jimmy did work at HHM. Since it wasn’t as a lawyer, you could probably call that a draw as you weren’t completely wrong. It was a good episode. Pretty important in building Jimmy and Chuck’s relationship (past and present) and showing Jimmy's drive, ambition and seeking of approval. And as you said, it looks like it’s leading towards some conflict between Chuck and HHM (working on this big legal case while still contracted with HHM?), and more than likely some conflict between Chuck and Jimmy. It didn’t look like Chuck wanted Jimmy to work as a lawyer at HHM, but I wonder if Jimmy blames Howard completely for that decision - another reason he hates the guy so much. I honestly don’t know if Howard is actually a bad guy or not. I don’t think he’s necessarily a good guy, but maybe not as terrible as Jimmy thinks? Who knows. We haven’t really seen enough to say I guess. Anyways, I couldn't see Chuck or Howard dumpster diving to save files. "You can’t say it’s private if a hobo can use it as a wigwam!"

Silly Mikey. He is going to get into trouble. Do you think his daughter in law said the whole “it’ll only be a drop in the bucket…” thing hoping Mike would get her more money? I would have to see the scene again, but I don’t remember reading that off of the character. She seems pretty honest but conspiracy theories are fun.

Maybe we will get more Jimmy Matlock, solving cases, after all. Maaaaaatlooooock. Or Single Female Lawyer, sticking with the whole Futurama thing

I'm into season 2 now and have to post a few more episodes. Can't say I've noticed a lot of owls but I'll watch for it now.

I don't think the daughter was being manipulative. First of all, if she wanted more illegal money, I don't think she'd have held on to the stash she had found in her husband's belongings. She'd have been more willing to spend it and would not have ostracised Mike for awhile. In Breaking Bad, we learn Mike has a bank account for his granddaughter and sends most of his money to it but no mention is ever made of him giving money to his daughter-in-law. The bank account is a sort of secret to them both from my recollection of the series. I took it as just an off-hand comment she made but Mike took it to heart because he's looking for ways to help them out since the granddaughter seems to be the last of his blood family. I think there's a conspiracy only because the line is a bit forced. It's just a clunky delivery and is brought up out of nowhere but just needs to be said because it has be said in order to move Mike along the path of BB.

Dan Laser:
Oops I hope I didn't spoil anything there... Not sure what you've seen of the later Futurama seasons.

Yeah I kind of doubt she was trying to get more money from him. Considering dirty money got her husband killed, I don't think she would want anything more to do with that kind of stuff. It was more a passing though. I think you're right that is was probably the line itself - but it's purpose was definitely to motivate Mike to look for more work and help them out. I gotta admit that I wasn't apparently paying enough attention though because I didn't realize that  money was even from her husband. I thought she told the cops about that money and so assumed it had been seized. I thought that wad of cash came from Mike or something. Oops!

Another good episode this week! Won't say anything in case you haven't watched it yet. I started watching Fargo and definitely liking it so far. I should've saved the show until after Saul and some other shows were done though, cuz now I won't have much to watch pretty soon. I'm already on episode 9 of Fargo!

Ha ha. Ever watch Mad Men? It's not for everyone with its pace and unclear story structure but I'm really into it and it's last 7 episodes begin this Sunday. That might be something to watch.

I've seen the latest B.C.S. episode and it was very strong even though you knew the betrayal that was coming. The Mike half of the episode had a real Breaking Bad feel to it. Just like old times. Really liking how the show is coming together now and it keeps making the earlier episodes a bit more relevant as to why we were shown them. Looking forward to the final episode this Monday but it's going to be tough to already have the season wrapped up and wait until next year just as it's ramping up more.

I need to get posting more in this thread though. I've seen like 12 episodes of Season 2 and despite knowing what I want to say about them, I just need to take the time to write it out and post it.


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