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Dan Laser:
Ah yes, might be a good time to start catching up with Mad Men with it ending soon. I think I’ve seen the first couple seasons, then just started missing episodes and never caught up. Trying to think of any other shows I’m following, and there are actually a few I should finish - The Returned (french version), Broadchurch, Wallander, The Bridge… I'm sure there are more. They’re all a bit dark and gloomy so I'll go back to Danger 5 for a change of pace.

I finished Fargo and it was real good, yah. I went and watched the movie afterwards and it was neat seeing how many throwbacks the series actually had to the movie.

Looking forward to the last BCS tonight, but also will miss it! Think we can expect to see Saul Goodman introduced by the end of the episode? And yeah, where are the next Futurama write-ups!

What happened to E?

So, it's been April 1st since my last post in this thread, (how appropriate [or is it?]) and I'm currently at Season 4 episode 9. I'd say it's becoming apparent that Futurama just does not grip me and it is why I've never gotten around to seeing it all and have never completed watching the first 4 season run of episodes before. That said, I'm close enough in finishing it that I probably finally will. Despite there being a lot to the show I like or want to like, it just lacks something. Still, I think I'll start trying to catch up in my postings again about episodes (and see how well I remember things I saw a few months ago now at this point.) However, I have a feeling I probably my take isn't going to line up well with fans of the show but that might make this a very interesting thread after all....

I love the show but a good portion of the episodes fell into the Simpson trap where almost everything was about some godawful stupid thing Homer did. For Futurama that would be Bender being a Jerk. I get it, he is the biggest Jerk in the multi-universe, can we please move on to some other characters and some other stories that aren't Bender centric?

It did improve near the end where I think the writers finally realised they way over used him and it was well into abuse territory. They tacked away, finally getting some heart warming Fry stories among other things.


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