Author Topic: No surprise. Sony is kicking Nintendo's butt again!  (Read 1905 times)

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No surprise. Sony is kicking Nintendo's butt again!
« on: February 13, 2024, 05:01:51 PM »
Is Nintendo ever going to get their act together? It's just embarrassing the incredible amount of unforced errors they commit.  :-[

Here's an article talking about Another PS5 Sales Record. This time, it's happening in Japan which was supposed to be Nintendo's "stronghold". According to the article, "the PS5 sold better than any PlayStation console has ever sold since the PS2 in 2004." The bestselling platform of all time and the PS5 is doing better than it!

Just look at the sales being posted in our own Official Sales Thread in the Nintendo Gaming forum. The most recent sales chart in Japan shows the following:

Famitsu Sales: Week 5, 2024 (Jan 29 - Feb 04)

01./00. [PS5] Persona 3 Reload # <RPG> (Atlus) {2024.02.02} (¥8.800) - 76.368 / NEW <60-80%>
02./00. [PS5] Granblue Fantasy Relink # <RPG> (Cygames) {2024.02.01} (¥7.980) - 48.754 / NEW <80-100%>
03./00. [PS4] Persona 3 Reload # <RPG> (Atlus) {2024.02.02} (¥8.800) - 40.024 / NEW <60-80%>
04./00. [NSW] Jujutsu Kaisen: Cursed Clash # <FTG> (Bandai Namco Entertainment) {2024.02.01} (¥7.700) - 25.242 / NEW <80-100%>
05./00. [PS4] Granblue Fantasy Relink # <RPG> (Cygames) {2024.02.01} (¥7.980) - 22.083 / NEW <80-100%>
06./02. [NSW] Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island <RPG> (Spike Chunsoft) {2024.01.25} (¥6.350) - 18.103 / 103.527 <80-100%> (-79%)
07./03. [PS4] Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth <RPG> (Sega) {2024.01.26} (¥8.800) - 16.503 / 93.637 <60-80%> (-79%)
08./01. [PS5] Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth <RPG> (Sega) {2024.01.26} (¥8.800) - 15.388 / 118.328 <60-80%> (-85%)
09./06. [NSW] Super Mario Bros. Wonder <ACT> (Nintendo) {2023.10.20} (¥5.980) - 14.140 / 1.715.110 <80-100%> (+4%)
10./07. [NSW] Momotaro Dentetsu World: Chikyuu wa Kibou de Mawatteru! <TBL> (Konami) {2023.11.16} (¥6.300) - 11.464 / 960.282 <80-100%> (-4%)
11./04. [PS5] Marvel's Spider-Man 2 # <ACT> (Sony Interactive Entertainment) {2023.10.20}

Yep, you've read that correct. 7 of the top 11 selling games are on Sony platforms. The PS4 games are still selling well over a decade after that console released. You know what you won't find? Any Wii U or 3DS games on the charts. Nintendo just cannot generate support or sales for its games and consoles.  :( :'(

And it should come as no surprise. Look at their software strategy. Last year, the released Everybody 1-2 Switch! They made it so that 100 people could play using just one copy of the game and use their phones if they wanted. Clearly, this is a company that doesn't care about how many consoles or games they sell to the public. It was bad enough they were already letting 4 - 8 people play a game using a single cartridge and console but 100 people now? No wonder Nintendo has often trailed Sony when it comes to selling consoles.

Sony's got an amazing strategy. Take a single game like FF7 and divide it into three parts. Release Part 1 on the PS4, Part 2 on the PS5 and Part 3 on the PS6. Now players have to buy three consoles and three software titles to play 1 whole game. That's an incredible console and game selling strategy. No wonder PS4 games are still charting. That's how you support a console! Meanwhile, Nintendo's like, "Take this one console we have made anywhere and give a second controller to other people so that they can play our games for free using your console". Like, WHAT?! Yeah, that's going to help generate sales.  >:( >:(

And people somehow think that the Switch could be not only Nintendo's best selling console ever but also the best selling console of all time and surpass the PS2?! Just shaking my head at that idea. How, people? How? The evidence is clearly painting a different picture and Nintendo's own actions show they don't think of future sales with their console and software strategy. Until they finally wake up and realize they have to focus on that single player AAA gaming like Sony does then this is a company that is always going to be chasing trends instead of setting them.  :-\
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