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It’s Time for Fire Emblem to End
« on: January 18, 2023, 09:51:05 AM »
So I feel that I have to post this subject here, for fear that it will be moderated/deleted/considered spam on other parts of the forum.

Lately, I have seen an overwhelming sentiment (see: my two mentions of the subject on the NWR Discord) regarding the retirement of the Fire Emblem series. Let’s face it, these games should have ended with Awakening, as that title put us all to sleep with its irreverent characters and broken strategic mechanics. At the time, Intelligent Systems was looking for new ways to breathe life into the series, and they rather foolishly chose “doubling down on relationships and getting that guy who designed Travis Touchdown” instead of “Fire Emblem, but on Mars.” Yes, this was actually something they considered. Just think, rather than having to resort to a post on this thriving message board about ending this series, we could have been playing Fire EmbleMars for the last decade, ushering in a new and fresh Martian intellectual property, instead of this broken down, creaky medieval cosplay. I think some guy who is friends with Donald Theriault said it best when he declared: “[We, the people who want more games like the currently-underperforming Mario + Rabbids are] starting to feel a bit disillusioned with the current split between Classic and Casual modes.” Yes, my guy. Fire Emblem has become nothing more than a game for, as the elite gamers say, “Filthy Casuals.” And if you’re going to prioritize that crop for four games straight (excluding, of course, the brilliant Shadows of Valentia, a remake of the classic Fire Emblem title that never left Japan but I pirated anyway), why not just quit while you’re ahead?

The sad thing is, we have allowed Intelligent Systems to get away with these war crimes for so long, we have neglected the times where they have actually made good games. No, we’re definitely not talking about Paper Mario. Remember Code Name S.T.E.A.M.? No? Of course you don’t, you puerile, franchise-obsessed doofus. Let me put it in terms you might understand: Remember the game that New Nintendo 3DS owners could scan their Lucina Amiibo into so that they could view her proportions in a Silver Age comics art style? Ah, now THAT rings a bell. Yup, that game underperformed, which not only proves my point that good games are being ignored due to not being a part of a franchise, but it also proves another completely unrelated point, which is that the inclusion of Fire Emblem characters provides no sales impetus for quality products. Case in point? Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Yeah, that game wasn’t made by Intelligent Systems, but it DID feature Fire Emblem characters. Guess what happened to it? That’s right. Nothing. Because not even my stellar opinion on the game could save it from being widely recognized as a display of how Fire Emblem ruins everything.

We have to all agree that this needs to stop. Google “should Fire Emblem end?” And you know what you’ll see? A bunch of people talking about Three Houses on Reddit. Why is this the case? Shouldn’t we be discussing the end of Breath of the Wild instead? Maybe we would, if Fire Emblem had come to a conclusion ten years ago. Some guy at Nintendo recently said “you know what? [Maybe] [Fire Emblem] needs [to end].” And I agree. Hell, I know we all agree. So let’s just end it. Let’s not buy Fire Emblem: The Five Year Engagement. Let’s take a stand against games appealing to a wide audience of people and get back to enjoying niche releases like 1-2 Switch, or else Fire Emblem will ruin everything.

This post was brought to you by Squarespace. When I’m complaining about things on the internet, I often ask myself, “why don’t you just make your own website, and moderate it ruthlessly, so that people who disagree with you can be silenced?” But we all don’t have forty-four billion dollars laying around, so maybe make a website with Squarespace instead? Yeah. **** YEAH! Now you can read about how Paper Mario sucks on my website: whenever you want! And the best part? It’s free. Not building a website, no. They didn’t have to pay me anything to write this ad. But maybe you’ll pay them the ninety-something dollars you were going to spend on the Fire Emblem: Engage Collector’s Edition to partially cover the costs of building a website with Squarespace? Maybe? Squarespace: Because I said so.
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Re: It’s Time for Fire Emblem to End
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2023, 06:57:45 PM »
I wonder if this thread should be called "Fire Emblem: Dis-Engage".
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