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While the Switch's sales success may seem like old news by now, it seems like every time Nintendo releases a financial report about how it is doing, the numbers keep finding new ways to stun and impress. Nintendo can also adding earning the first Topic of the Day for 2021 to their report as well.  8)

Although it hasn't had much posting in awhile, maybe we can change that. I feel the recent news of Google Stadia shutting down first party studios is today's topic even if the news has always seemed inevitable with so many people doubting the longterm viability of Stadia from its initial announcement. Feel free to use the link and talk about how you called this situation from the beginning.

Topic of the Day is off to a great 2021 start by beginning a month later and already missing a day.  :-[

I will make up for Feb. 3 by giving Mr. Bungle's Best of Wii U series some love. His latest entry focusing on the Wii U's SNES Virtual Console is something worth checking out since he has listed what games are currently still only available to that eShop. If you are wondering what advantages the Wii U still has left after so many ports then those games provide a starting point.

As for Feb. 4th's Topic of the Day, I'm giving it up to Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy.

The game is getting some attention today on the NWR Discord so you may able to jump in and make your comments while the topic is still hot in there. Otherwise, I've posted some of the Discord comments on the forum if you want to catch up on some of the thoughts posted about it or comment on any part of the Atelier Ryza series in general. For even more Atelier Ryza 2 fun, here is the link to NWR's Review of the game. Gamers Ryza up!

Sure, these topic of the day posts haven't been too timely but I haven't got much to work with here either. For Friday, I guess I'll give it to BnM's thread on Oculus Rift and his need for tech support in it. I also do not know why that thread is stickied but someone clearly must think it important.


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