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As Assistant to the Community Manager  8), I'm still scheming about how to keep conversations and interest on this forum happening. I still maintain that my "5 posts a day" idea would be all this forum needs if the regulars participated (and it could probably drop down to 3 if enough were doing it) but, unlike the cost of coffee per day, it seems to be too much for people here.   ;)

So, moving on to my next idea. Each day of the week (except for Saturday and Sunday which will have just have 1 topic for the weekend), I thought I'd highlight a topic, conversation or event for the interest of the community to participate in or be aware of. This could be anything from a topic in the gaming forums, a news item, a review whether it be Talkback, Reader or Movie/TV, a Funhouse joke thread, etc. I have sometimes noticed on NWR's Discord that there can be an interesting topic for discussion that will arise and get a bit of activity but then can be lost as the conversation and infinite scroll moves on. From time to time, I may pull a topic from there to discuss further here.

I'll try to have something chosen by 1:00 PM EST though depending on what is going on for me that day then I may not always meet that deadline. (And I'm sure it will be later on Saturday for the weekend. :P ) You can check in here for the link to the Topic of the Day as I will post it here in a new post in reply to this thread.

Today's Forum Highlight: January 2020 is Meme Avatar Month

FWIW, I hate infinite scroll in discord so never check there, but I get the feeling it's way more happening then the forums these days? All the cool cats go there right?  I'm just too old...

Some days it is. Yes, on average, there are more posts there per day than the forums but there can be long periods without any major discussion happening as well. I keep up with the scroll for the most part but 75% of the time it is also a lot of stuff and posting that kind of bores me so... :shrug:

As long as no one is talking about me behind my back.

But topics of the day sound fun.


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