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Major Forum Reorganization - April 4, 2019

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After a lot of discussion and input from the forum regulars, we've instituted some significant changes to the forum layout.

• Console and Handheld Discussion have been merged into one board, since Nintendo seems to have merged the two themselves and there wasn't enough discussion to justify both even before that.

• Gameplay Strategy, Matchmaking & Smack Talk, and Hardware & Wi-Fi Support have been merged into the new Nintendo Gaming board as well, since they're almost never used. Feel free to post anything that would have gone into those old boards there.

• Reader Reviews is now a child board of Nintendo Gaming.

• General Chat now has a board specifically for movies and TV shows, so we don't have to cram everything into two or three mega threads anymore.

Any feedback on these changes or further suggestions is welcome.

Thank you for all that worked on the forum changes.

I do like the changes with the child boards so there would be a more types of discussion in the parent boards.

Nothing is coming to mind for any more changes but if I think of something I will post here.

I, for one, support an upgrade of the forum software. :D

BranDonk Kong:
Agreed. Good job trimming some of the lean though.


--- Quote from: UncleBob on April 04, 2019, 03:11:23 PM ---I, for one, support an upgrade of the forum software. :D

--- End quote ---

I think we all would, but sadly that's probably a lot tougher to sell to the higher-ups. This stuff I could just do myself, but that would require more work from other people.


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