Author Topic: Episode 358: The Star Fox 30th Anniversary Episode  (Read 626 times)

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Episode 358: The Star Fox 30th Anniversary Episode
« on: February 24, 2023, 05:34:17 AM »

Featuring Metroid

Fresh off the release of A Legacy in 3D: The Story of Star Fox, John and Neal sit down to discuss the understated importance of Star Fox to Nintendo as we know it. They quickly get sidetracked with Metroid Prime Remastered but its mostly about Star Fox!

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Re: Episode 358: The Star Fox 30th Anniversary Episode
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2023, 12:54:23 PM »
Great episode, I really enjoy documentary-style Connectivity.  I figured I’d toss in my experience, despite being a bit long, since Star Fox is one of my favorite games and, largely because of it, a franchise I still hold in some regard.  I was 11 when Star Fox came out and had followed it as closely as kid could in the early 90s due to the Super FX chip and slick 3D graphics (I played Hard Drivin’ every chance I got in arcades and on the SNES, which meant I was well aware the system could not handle 3D itself). 

I’ve always preferred the original to 64 since it was the fast frenetic action and endearing weirdness that I loved about the original.  I probably would have liked 2 better, especially with the strategy aspect, had I played it at the time.  Playing it a couple years ago is too far removed for me to say with absolute certainty.  I didn’t care for Adventures and wouldn’t place it anywhere near Twilight Princess (though TP is my favorite 3D Zelda, I’ve played through it 6 times).  Assault is pretty good and underrated while Command is good but repetitive.  I hated Zero due to the controls, and no, not because they didn’t click.  I had no issue playing the game with them, I just really didn’t like them.  Anyhoo, I always get excited when a new Star Fox is announced and will when the next one is.

Stunt Race FX is a guilty pleasure of mine.  I was drawn to the quirky graphics and odd charm of the game (the Star Fox crew buzz you!).  Now I know how bad the frame rate is and, though I knew it was low at the time, it was an era when my friends and I thought a low frame rate or a game chugging was just the console choking of how awesomely amazing the game was.  I agree that the impact Star Fox had on Nintendo’s 3D evolution is understated.  Not just game development from what I understand, but also things like controls and what a controller needed to have.  Not saying they nailed it going from 2 control pads to the single-sticked trident and then to, well let’s just say it got them closer earlier than Sony or Sega.
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