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This Zoonami Exclusive Game

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You mean other than the fact its being made by ex-Rare developers. It will warrent attention I will say that.  And will almost definatly have more information on it soon since E3 is coming up.

The best thing on the hint for the Game Zero is

"There will be no tedious ______, _______, or ________"

I hope one of those blanks is collecting.

There will be no tedious collecting, backtracking, or repetition"

The 'rumours' page tells us that they're definitely NOT working on a FPS or a racing game (unless they openly lied about it). How can a game developer keep their work so secret? Someone in England needs to find Zoonami's place of business and go look in the window. It seems like it'd be difficult to keep the development of an entire GC-caliber game a complete mystery.

If it isn't an FPS or a racing game, perhaps a new adventure game?  I really wouldn't mind seeing of of those with "no tedious collecting, backtracking, or repetition" .


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