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This Zoonami Exclusive Game

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Uglydot, that would 0wn .... kinda like Banjo Kazooie but without all that accursed collecting. And of course, set in what appears to be a game in space.

Am I the only one that  doesn't have time to care about these new games?  I mean, it may be great and all, but... there's Zelda, Skies of Arcadia, Soul Calibur II, F-Zero.... anyway, I probably will be missing out on F-Zero anyway, so...

Oh well.

Who would want another Goldeneye?  I mean, another, nother, NOTHER Goldeneye.  Just take Perfect Dark, which I've heard was better, and TimeSplitters 2, which I can confirm is better in most ways.  These are both close enough to Goldeneye; but that's IMO.

How about hoping for a genre not already covered well enough?  Adventure is covered; Racing will be covered soon; FPS is covered; RPG is... well, not covered enough, but I'd rather leave most RPG's to Square/Enix and Sega; what about Puzzle?  I think a puzzle game is what's really needed, although that would have no effect on what they're actually making.  You know, a NEW, INNOVATIVE, ADDICTIVE, MIND-BENDING, puzzle game.  Makes you think, but also involves action, and doesn't get tedious, and things vary from match to match.  I probably wouldn't get it anyway, but still, I think we Cubers need a new, effective, puzzle game.

I'd be interested to know what's that, I believe it should be pretty good, after all it looks Nintendo already know about the project and doesn't mind being associated with it. When was the last time Nintendo was being remotely associated with bad game?  

Also acording to Zoonami's webpage it's not another Goldeneye .... (not shooter or racer)

It's gonna be an adventure game. Definitely.
Racer? No. Shooter? No. Nintendo supported? Yes.
Then it's an adventure game.


Yeah - we don't need another new Goldeneye.  Timsplitters is the new Goldeneye.  It's obvious that Free Radical has the ability to take on the First Person shooter.  TS2 isn't as refined as Perfect Dark maybe - but they also didn't get to unreasonably delay it for two years like Perfect Dark was.  Give free radical a little more time and I think we will have a perfect First Person shooter.

I really wish there was some kind of hint as to what Zoonami was making.  I'm pretty sure it is NOT a Nintendo Franchise - it just doesn't seem right.

I don't even know where to begin speculating about what it IS though.


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