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So Rayman is a time exclusive?

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Time exclusive is really only another way of saying delayed release which in it's own way boarding on illegal. I doubt the advertising laws are very black and white on this subject that is why MS has been able to get away with is so far.  

It's not illegal! When they advertise it it is only for Xbox. They dont advertise it as exclusive now that it's on other consoles. Also notice that any restock of Hunter: The Reckoning for Xbox was missing the "Only On" stamp.
Anyway Devil May Cry was originally a one year time exclusive for PS2 but it would seem Capcom couldn't be stuffed porting it.

RE:  Hunter

Actually my friend and I cleared out our two local EB's 9-game shipment at the end of the month.  $5 investment to get $12 trade-in credit at Rhino's, not bad.  And for $5, it wasn't such a bad thing to keep one for myself.  


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