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A fine line to be number 1

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I believe Nintendo finally have things the way they always wanted them to be.
Keeping most of the crappy third party games away from their console.
Yet the GameCube is still receiving tremendous third party support compared to any previous console.
Make no mistake, most of the nay-sayers are just comparing system exclusives, which is what makes any console profitable for their manufacturer.

Nintendo doesn't care about being number 1, it cares about making a boatload of money.  Remember, even though Nintendo is in a tough spot when you look at the sales numbers, the fact of the matter is that it's still making more money than everyone else is overall.  The GBA does have a lot do to with this, but still, it's about the money more than it is about the market position.  It's always nice to have both, though.

Ultimately, I believe Nintendo's problem was Yamauchi's stubborness.  Sure, when you lead a company for as long as he did, he should be remembered for the company's successes, which he will be, but when you're not using the $6 billion in the bank and losing market share by the week, someone needs to be blamed.  Iwata should be more willing to spend some money for the North American campaign, and get Nintendo's console business back where it was.


the fact of the matter is that it's still making more money than everyone else is overall. The GBA does have a lot do to with this, but still, it's about the money more than it is about the market position
--- End quote ---

Like I said earlier this could change overnight when Sony enters the Handheld market.

Market position and making money always end up being related, maybe not in the immediate future but somewhere down the road a lack of market share will always translate into making less money.

I am not sure how MS will figure into all of this. I am not sure if them entering the market will help nintendo or hurt them in the long run.
At the moment they arent a real threat, even though there sales match nontendos.

Catching Sony, hell even coming close, is the real key here. How do you get Sony users to come to the cube before GBA users go to sony?

OH, GOD! Not another one of these discussions.

Perfect Cell:
I posted this in the old forums.

2003 could be the year Nintendo jumps back in, as a serious contender, but they do have to get their Act together.

1.Improve marketing, Whoever makes commercials for Nintendo is really bad. Keep it Clean for SMS? The horrible Eternal Darkness ones? Horrible! They need to improve them. Also every month the companies pay money to game stores to get their product infron of the store. This month its PS2. Nintendo needs to get their product in front of the store as well. Spend more money to increase and improve marketting

2.Get their product faster to Europe. Metroid Prime not in Europe? not Acceptable! Nintendo needs to accept the fact that Europe is an important sector in the market. They need to improve the time it takes to localize games.

3.Get more exclusives and less delays. We still dont have Hitman 2. Stuff like this shouldnt happen. Nintendo needs to pay Money  to get their games early. You got to spend money to make money. Also get a big franchise exclusive like they did with Resident Evil. Many third parties in interviews said that RE was a reason they decided to make games on the cube. They need another franchise, possibly Castlevania.

4.Aquire developers. Look at M$ they bought Rare and now want Vivendi AND Rage software. Vivendi while they do have alot of crap, they have Blizzard and Half life. Nintendo needs to get on the ball and make a move for someone. Capcom would be IDEAL. Expensive but damn well worth it.If not then give us Treasure! Make it known to the common gamer that Nintendo wants to be a serious contender.

5.Push the Triforce-GCN. I had high hopes for the Triforce, many companies making Arcade games that could be ported fast to the cube. Other than Fzero what is there? Not acceptable. Get more Triforce games.

6.More RPGs Where is my Golden Sun Cel Shaded Gamecube RPG? Where is my Enix! What else is there from Square? Why not pay Money to square to get a Super Mario RPG sequel using the Kingdom Hearts type graphics?

7.Online Online Online people want it. Use the PS2 model. Let companies give the servers. Push the Modem, i want my Pokemon MMORPG! It could respark the Pokemon franchise.

8.Push the GBA-GCN conectivity more, it should be more than a gimick

9.did i mention marketting? Its The single most reason why PS2 is cool, its main stream and Gamecube is not. This is the most important thing Nintendo has to Fix! Also pus the Adult Market more. I know I know nintendo has no set age group, hell i love Pikmin but the mainstream gamer does not. Make a big time violent game. Ala PS2s The Getaway. Here is a suggestion Nintendo. Get the rights to the movie The Transporter. And make a big Budget game using the franchise into a Driver 2/GTA type game. I bet this would help TREMENDOUSLY!

and Finally 10

10..Divy up more of their older franchises. Konamis support sucks, well Give them the Kid Icarus franchise. Give more franchises out. Nintendos got a tone of em left. Lend Activision /Z axis the Exitebike franchise, give Sega the Duck Hunt liscence  ect. People want these old franchises back but Nintendo cant remake them all.

If nintendo follows these to the bone, they would easyly regain major Market share IMHO.


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