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Zelda: Wind Waker final impressions

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I didn't import because I thought the story would be hard to understand.

What did everyone who imported think of the story?

Hey, Blood.  What have you thought of the game so far?  Is it as fun as TOOT?  What about length?  Any other stuff that makes the game different than other games.

Just beat it!!! Whee! OK, there is a section that some people might find a little tedious near the end (although I enjoyed it), however the final battle and the ending are awesome.  To me it seems a bit on the easy side, but I can't say for sure since difficulty is sometimes different between JPN and US versions.  I will say though that there is also a little something special for those that make it to the end.

sounds great. Some people thought Super Mario Sunshine was boring at the end, but I like it. I think that Zelda would be the same. March is almost here.

Hey blood.

Whatabout the overall feel of the game?

Does it feel better to go on  Hyrule Field the first time or on the ocean the first time.

Is the ending as good as others?
And are there A LOT of other sub quests?  and are they any big (like bigger than the Lon lon ranch one?)


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