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PC gaming sure is gaining Steam these days. (The PC gaming thread)

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And I guess those folks on Mac and Linux can tag along as here well. Otherwise Insanolord might get lonely in the Mac Gaming thread.

This laptop I'm using is surprisingly competent at gaming considering it's 10 years old now. I've been playing a bunch of stuff on it and I even picked up a SteelSeries controller for it. But I'm planning to keep this laptop going for at least a year or two and we'll go from there.

My Steam Friend Code (Jesus Christ, is there no escape from Friend Codes?) is 115591001 for anyone interested.

Even after the last major Mac OS update killed compatibility with probably most of my Steam library I still have way too many games on there, and I'll probably never touch any of them..

Well I mean when Apple heard that people were playing games on their macs, they had to step in and put a stop to that. :smug:

That update was nothing in terms of killing game compatibility compared to what's coming next.

So I've been planning to upgrade my PC for the past two years but been dragging my feet.

This is what I have at the moment, would be open to feedback.

Shooting to spend about $1200. Must support 4 monitors. I don't need top-tier, but playing all games at 60fps and 1080p or maybe 4k would be nice. I'm mostly happy with the current parts/price, but am a bit hung up by the case. I want a CD/DVD/BD optics drive, and it would be mice to have a slot on the outside for SD Card media because I have been working more with cameras and would like something built in for those because the USB converters I have are super slow.

Would also like plenty of modern USB ports (3.1 and/or 3.2 USBc types). Should I not be hung up on these little things for a case and just make sure its got room for the optics drive? Part of the motivation is to clean off my desk area and having a lot of extra cables/adapters/external hookups just leads to a more cluttered desk for me.


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