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Xbox 2 and nVidia


This may be a little late, but I've yet to see a thread like this in the Other Systems forum. Anyhow, what can we expect in the next Xbox? Well, I'm sure you've heard of nVidia's NForce motherboards. If not, just take Sony's CELL technology and add in uber powerful graphics, memory, and audio components. It'd make sense for Microsoft to use nVidia's tech in their upcoming system.

One thing though, would the Xbox2 use the NForce, or NForce 2 motherboard?

I would hope nForce 2, or something newer/specially designed.  The Xbox 2 isn't coming out for some time, so they are probably not going to use things that aren't common-place right now.  

That is if the next console uses a nVidia chip. The dispute may have been resolved recently but that doesn't mean they are on the greatest of terms. How whould you feel if you best friend sued you. (This is an anology.) So don't assume nothing until their are offical announcments.

BlkPaladin, the dispute you speak of was not that significant, and it's been resolved with both sides happy. they will most definitely work together on the Xbox 2.

My reasoning is this, nVidia needs some way of showcasing its latest technology. What better way to do so than to have it be the motherboard for the next Xbox?  


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