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Mop it up:
Out of that original top ten, I haven't played four of them. Metroid Dread and Fire Emblem Three Houses I do have, so will get to them eventually. Hades is currently on Game Pass so I could check it out sometime. Steamworld Dig 2 is one of those games that often goes on sale for deep discounts, so I haven't felt compelled to scoop it up until I'm ready to play it; I may also try to procure one of the physical versions if I can.

10. Dragon Quest Builders 2
9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
8. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (+the DK DLC)
7. Splatoon 2
6. Hades
5. Kirby and the Forgotten Land
4. Metroid Dread
3. Super Mario Odyssey
2. Pokémon Legends: Arceus
1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This was tougher than I expected. I came up with a list of games I played the most (both time-wise and completion-wise), and then I tried to sort the list by quality. After 100%-ing Kirby, I knew it had to make the top 10, but it could be cracking the top 5 because of some recency bias. I think I owe Part Time UFO an honorable mention as well because I got pretty close to getting all the medals or w/e. I think Tetris Effect: Connected can also work its way onto this list over time. I've only played it a bit, but it's left quite the impression.


--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on August 13, 2022, 02:57:06 AM ---I will bump this up and post my current top Ten from the games I have physical and digital versions.

Look forward to it some time this week.

--- End quote ---

I had to adult this week and I am recovering from something(No not Covid), but I will try to get my list out this weekend.

Off the top of my head in no particular order:

Mario Kart
Breath of the Wild
Mario Odyssey
Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter GenU
Three Houses
Animal Crossing
Stardew Valley
Lets Go Pikachu

There are just my favorite and/or most played games on Switch so included the multiplatform ones as well.

As an occasional visitor and the definition of a contrarian, not only did I have to stop by to denounce NWR's list as absolute bullshit (3D World? A Wii U game? Really?), but I felt it was my civic duty to share my own top ten with you plebeians. No, no. Please. There is no need to thank me!

First of all, yeah, it's hard to be a Switch game in this day and age, especially since you're competing with ports from across gaming history. So I'll be sticking to games developed for the Switch and/or during its lifespan. I feel like that's as fair as you can get with nomenclature. Without further adieu:

10- Pokemon Legends: Arceus When I think of the Switch, I like to celebrate the times when its releases aren't simply competent, like Mario Party Superstars, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf... jeez, there's a trend forming here... but I truly think its best games are new twists on prized genres and IPs. Pokemon Legends is this. If you were to view it from "the larger perspective," it might not seem all that expansive or ambitious, but it is a different and very satisfying standalone release from a franchise that seemed all too determined to never take meaningful steps forward.
9- Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Wait until you read my retrospective on it! It's the best Switch-exclusive RPG by a fair margin, and that includes stacking it up against its predecessor.
8- Potato Flowers in Full Bloom It wouldn't be fair to honor the Switch without giving several nods to the indie scene. Potato Flowers in Full Bloom is the first dungeon-crawling RPG I have enjoyed playing on the Switch, as it features so many staggeringly great ideas that it's almost frustrating to see larger developers that never thought of them. Even if you aren't a fan of the genre, this is perhaps the best and most accessible title you could play simultaneously.
7- Anodyne 2: Return to Dust Some games attempt to embrace the aesthetics and novelty of older titles without attempting to progress beyond them, but Anodyne 2 is an exception. Amazing visuals, music, and a heartfelt story wrapped in gameplay that never overstays its welcome or over-complicates itself. A gem.
6- Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Although it narrowly bests Into the Breach in terms of accessibility and addictive quality, this release deserves to be championed if only because it takes a miserable genre like the tactics RPG and makes it fun. But the blending of Rabbids, the madness of its unique gameplay elements, and smart design choices show that an impassioned dev team working with treasured IP can truly make something special. Might be overthrown by its sequel. Who knows?
5- Black Book/Griftlands It's impossible to understate how deck-building RPGs and roguelike design have impacted the current landscape of gaming, which is why the way these respective elements are used to enhance the two listed titles is worth mentioning. If you want a mature, compelling, and culturally rich role-playing game, definitely consider Black Book. If you're looking for a more straightforward rouglite experience, you'll find it in Griftlands. Both use the elements of their genres so well, it's tough to pick one over the other for this slot.
4- UNSIGHTED In the vein of celebrating indie developers, it would be cruel to overlook the incredible design and accessibility options offered in UNSIGHTED. Yes, it is a game about racing against the clock, but you can turn that element off if you are worried about missing content. Yes, it is a Zelda/Metroid-inspired action title, but the design aspects are so thoughtfully integrated that it stands toe to toe with those series. If platformers are more your bag, then perhaps Celeste would exist in this slot. But I like this game more, so screw you.
3- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate This is a celebration of video games on a scale never seen before, and honestly, it likely won't ever happen again. Yes, you have Fortnite with all of its stupid film and pop culture crossovers, but Sakurai and his team have taken time to carefully craft the different fighters in Ultimate, whether they are accurate representations of the games the come from or not. It also has one of the most insane soundtracks in all of video gaming. Respect.
2- Metroid Dread Remember how I said I appreciate when Switch games aren't just competent? Metroid Dread isn't. It's hard, it's brisk, it's forward-thinking. It is an incredible Metroid game that proves that this genre is often imitated for a good reason, but rarely matches the quality on display in the series itself for equally good reasons. Metroid Dread is not only one of the best Metroidvania games ever made, it's one of the best games on the Switch.
1- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I do think that, even with a sequel on the way, Nintendo might not be able to recapture the unbridled sense of discovery and freedom that Breath of the Wild offers. Yes, it has weapon durability. Yes, it has an inventory where you can eat fifty apples after getting your ass handed to you. Yes, it has lots of empty space and limited enemy variety. And it's still a damn great game. It was a glimpse at the freedom we might expect from the Nintendo Switch upon its release, and in many ways, its go-anywhere attitude is evocative of the system itself. Part-revitalization of Zelda's identity, part-statement piece from Nintendo, it will age much like Ocarina of Time itself, but like that game, it will always be special.


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