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For those disappointed by Joyride's Samus figure...


Should seek out Toysite's Metroid Prime bobblehead figure. It's about ten inches tall, and it looks exactly like Samus from Prime. Don't let the bobblehead fool you, it's exact in proportion; it's more of a 'bobbletorso'... once you see it you'll understand. I found it at GameStop and Software Etc. so if you're looking for a sweet looking Samus to put next to your cube, this is it.

I saw it too at my local Software ETC. Looked really cool, would've gotten it if i wasn't saving up for zelda.

Thanks for the "HEADS up", Josh... sorry, couldn't resist.

That's a nice looking figure.. too bad the pose isn't more interesting.

You seen any nice Mario figures? I missed out on those kid's meal toys from Wendy's and Burger King seems to already be out of the current toys.. not that those really look all that great.. I remember Target had some decent Mario bobble heads that they gave out with Gamecube purchases a while back.. And Joyrides' Luigi is pretty good, kinda big, though. I'd really love to see a great Mario and Link figure, since these guys are Nintendo's hea.. main franchises. Plus, I'd love a Wario figure with a recording of that wicked cool laugh.

Anyway, thanks again, Josh.

Dethroned Emperor:
bobble head dolls are awesome. if I can find that samus one, it'll look really good next to my mario and fox mccloud bobble heads. thx for the info!

Whoa. Thanks for the tip. I was looking for other Nintendo characters to add to my growing collection and I thought the new Samus action figured was hella lame


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