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This here is something that lets you read e-books on your GBA. I think it's pretty cool if you're tired of playing a game on a long car trip and want something else. I heard about it on Call for Help on TechTV.

What do you guys think about it?

 I think this is a good idea, except for the fact that you have to purchase a rom cartridge. which can get very expensive. A kit with everything needed is around 180 USD, a lot for just reading books on your GBA. Of course you could you use the rom card for other things, like saving multiple game saves. If you already have a ROM card, it is a great idea

This idea actually can be made affordable if Nintendo made a special cartridge that had a USB link to your computer on it (like the gameshark) Then you could plug it in and transfer your books into the cartridge. I would imagine the cost to be around 40 USD. Much more reasonable if you ask me.

How about reading a real book? Seriously who reads e-books?

nitsu niflheim:

Originally posted by: RABicle
How about reading a real book? Seriously who reads e-books?
--- End quote ---

I do if it's the only way to read it.  Originally Stephen King's Riding The Bullet was released only as an e-book.  I read it then, and I read again when it was included in his latest collection Everything's Eventual.

I also did the serial downloads of The Plant while Stephen King was doing it.

aoi tsuki:
It's more like $70 for an 8MB card and the linker cable. Not cheap, but if you're already developing for the GBA, it's a nifty piece of software.

Before my PDA got trashed, i read ebooks all the time. It's something to do during those times when you've got some time to kill, like waiting for an appointment or something.


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