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This GBA - GC Hook up

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What ever happened to this GBA - GC hook up. Looked better like that and so did the GBA's.  

Directly Linking Pictures is BANDWIDTH THEFT.  Don't do it again.  This is your only warning.

No kidding! Are those only in Japan or something?  

They changed it because the cord can easily pop out of the link port. The current design locks the cord in place.

Actually, that connection is from the spaceworld (or E3?) where they announced Gamecube and GBA.  As you can see from the window on the Gamecube's disc door, and the GBA's colors, the system's weren't fine-tuned yet.  The big grey chunk was definately added when Nintendo realized that the cord would easily pop out and ruin a GBA/GCN connection.  If you don't own one, all the connector does with the extra bulk is hook into the top of the GBA.  

Yeah thats areally outdated pic...when gba was firt announe it was platinum and funtastic colored.
They chaged it. And that was before the gba hookup design was finalized.


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