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Radio Trivia Score Report for 12/6/2002


(Written by Jonnyboy117)

Final Fantasy III - US (SNES)
Q: What is the earliest place in the game you can obtain a Genji Glove?
A: <Tavir> returners hideout

Star Wars: Battle for Naboo (N64)
Q: What missing element was EGM’s “Worst Feature” of Battle for Naboo, even though the final game did actually include it?

Bionic Commando (NES)
Q: Who developed new Bionic Commando for Game Boy Color?
A: <MSTAnon> NST

"Prayer to Allah (Live)" by Group X
"Rollerskaite Date" by Group X
"Mario Twins (Second Version)" by Group X

Metroid 2: Return of Samus (GB)
Q: Name every type of Metroid in this game.  (One line!)
A: <Wang> Metroid, Alpha Metroid, Gamma Metroid, Zeta Metroid, Omega Metroid, Queen Metroid, Metroid hatchling.

Darius Twin (SNES)
Q: Who published Darius Twin and the other games in the Darius series?
A: <Wang> © Taito 1991

Wang                        1234567
Tavir                        1234
MSTAnon                        123
BIGmog                        123
theRPG                        123
TheViper                12
ulanshad                12
the_realtomspug                12
Magus-                        12
RPGFan                        12
hotdogfingers                12
Bario                        1
Dave4988                1
Ecrofirt                1
SuperPokeExpert                1
Nintendo_NateCube        1
Syl_Aran                1

WINNER: Wang, with a pretty huge score by Radio Trivia standards.


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