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Oculus Quest 2: Entering the VR from the comfort of my BR

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I have the Space Trainer demo. that was kinda cool. very short demo though.
I'll check out Dance Central, and some sort of VR Balance power pack combo thing.

Hooked up my Link Cable, and I guess i now need to upgrade my computer and build a new one to get the most out of some of these VR games at High Resolution.

just know that some of the games I paid for on the Quest 2, were actually FREE once hooked up on Oculus.

Like the Vader series and a few others.

I also recently bought Minecraft on the computer so my daughter could play Minecraft on the Oculus, but the Minecraft App on the Rift doesn't seem to work now....
I'm gonna try to troubleshoot it maybe tomorrow, so I hope it's something simple to figure out.

This has me excited to play RE4 again. Do you know of any Quest 2 games that don't work with Quest 1? I may have to upgrade.

Do we know if there is a Rift version for the Hi-Rez Grafix?

I played Oculus Quest 2 a week ago. I also was not too into VR. I was sort of a VR Skeptic. But I had a great experience.


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