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There's a developers link on their webpage. They sent me:

"Hey there!

Thanks a lot for contacting us!

While we are not able to share a lot of technical details on the Ataribox project just yet, you have already guessed it is a hardware platform, and like any great hardware platform its content strategy will be critical.  We’ll be releasing more product information in the coming weeks/months, and specifically as we roll out our developer strategy you will be first to know.

Thanks again for reaching out, we’ll keep in touch!

 The Ataribox project."

I don't even think it was a canned response as it seems to reply to my message. Although, I could imagine my message could be pretty generic.


Im very interested to know more about this. Hopefully it turns out to be something good

So long ago since and update that this is now deep down on the not busy general gaming forum.

So, they switched to Ryzen. The update came suspiciously after Spawn Wave posted a "hey whats going on guys?" video.

Personally, looking forward to seeing what Tallarico does with the Intellivision branding.

Tallarico eh? A guy who was a game reviewer who didn't like any games sounds promising.

We might have to walk that way over to that console.


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