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Minecraft is awesome. This game is crack. If you like Animal Crossing, Cubivore, Zelda, any game with a level editor than you'll probably like this. Who else has it? We must build a world together!

I picked up Minecraft during Alpha and I played the crap out of it for awhile but the sparse updates recently and my non-interest in things like achievements has stopped me from playing for awhile.  Recently I've been trying Ace of Spades, which is free now and is what I've wanted from Minecraft since day 1: a CTF multiplayer game with Minecraft style building and digging.

I don't have much interest in building online but I wouldn't mind playing Minecraft sometime, especially if you are using some of those awesome game altering mods I've heard about.  Do you use inventory editors? Spelunking and avoiding monsters with another person is what I'd be most interested in doing in multiplayer but the servers I've been to tend to have free materials and only building.  If you have a regular server send me the name.

honestly i started last friday or so....but ive built what looks like helms deep. As crazy as ive been playing it nonstop lately there is still a lot i haven't even done yet.
And this ace of spades sounds interesting.

The Minecraft concept is really cool.  If you are just starting download a program that will back up your Minecraft save.  Trust me when I tell you that Minecraft will crash sometime and most likely delete your save which will delete your entire world.  There are a few different programs to back up saves out there but it is essential.
Tell me which backup program you download and I'll use it to send you the save of my world if you want to check it out.  I've built all kinds of cool stuff and I like checking out other people's worlds.

Find a good server before you play multiplayer.  Half of them are full of people that are OCD and will kick you from the server if you even build something too close to another person's buildings.

Ace of Spades.  The link tells you about it and has the link to the site that can download it.

I hear a lot about Minecraft but I just can't get into the whole build a world games.  Just not a sandbox guy.


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