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Nintendo selects new ISP


PGC-Agent Cooper:
Nintendo's family of sites get a new home.  Note: This has nothing to do with network gaming.  Cable & Wireless Service Selected by Nintendo for Internet Services Financial Strength Cited as Determining Factor in Re-Signing With Cable & Wireless SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cable & Wireless (NYSE: CWP - News), the global telecommunications group, today announced it has been selected by Nintendo of America Inc., top-seller of video game systems such as the Nintendo GAMECUBE, and producer of the world's #1 handheld system, Game Boy Advance, to provide Internet services for the company's Nintendo.com site through its Internet Services business, branded Exodus in the US.
A former Exodus customer, Nintendo was looking for a stable provider with significant hosting experience and staff expertise. Nintendo decided to return to Exodus based on its positive previous experience and also because as a Cable & Wireless service, Exodus is backed by the company's longevity and financial strength.
Nintendo was able to successfully migrate Nintendo.com and many other Nintendo sites like Zelda.com, gameboy.com, and gamecube.com that showcase Nintendo's products and games, from the company's former service provider within two days, without any service disruption to customers. Nintendo uses the redundant site hosted at Exodus, as a real-time business continuity site. The fully active redundant site ensures Nintendo.com remains fully accessible and retains high performance levels for customers despite any unplanned events like a natural disaster or planned events such as seasonal spikes in activity.
"Exodus has the expertise, track record and solid future we are looking for in a hosting provider," stated Dan Lambert, Network Architect, Nintendo of America. "With all of the consolidation going on in the marketplace among hosting and managed service providers, we are looking not only for technical expertise but also a company that offers longevity and financial strength. Cable & Wireless is one of the few companies that has all of the above."
During the past two months, significant change has taken place in the hosting market. Analysts believe that the rapid consolidation of the hosting market will make financial strength a more critical factor in the decision making process for customers.
According to David Willis, Vice President of Global Networking Strategies, Meta Group, "The hosting market has fundamentally changed over the past two years. The leading vendors have moved far beyond basic commodity infrastructure into high-value outsourcing services. Customers are seeking a long-term strategic partner with a global presence, a broad spectrum of services, and a strong financial position."
Marketed as Exodus in the US and Cable & Wireless in the rest of the world, Cable & Wireless offers a complete suite of Internet services including managed hosting, business continuity, managed security and managed storage services, as well as content delivery and streaming technologies. Cable & Wireless services offer customers a comprehensive set of managed and professional services ranging from simple hosting to complex outsourced Internet operations management, so businesses can leverage internal resources without having to invest in additional talent or capital expenditures.


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