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Safe.TV Words+ 19 (Series Finale)

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Luigi Dude is safe watching videos of people complaining at the second most visited website on the net (only second to Google which owns YouTube).

Where will BeautifulShy stream her video entertainment from?

Probably the best place for Anime.  CrunchyRoll

I choose you CrunchyRoll!     In the name of CrunchyRoll I'll punish you!   Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Crunchyroll who believes in you!”   

As interest in Anime and Japanese Otaku culture continues to rise, so does the safe feeling that BeautifulShy gets when watching CrunchyRoll.

How will TOPHATANT123 do before a live studio audience?

Let's get this over with. This is a huge risk because it's been in the collective consciousness as of late.

Going with Netflix. Been getting a bad rap recently and has an unsustainable business model, but it puts out enough stuff to keep me satisfied.


"At one point it seemed like all we needed was Netflix" TOPHATANT123 thought. What started as a business that would send DVDs through the postal service created the model for TV streaming and with it took the lion's share of subscribers. Slowly but surely other media giants all began to create their own streaming services and take many of the popular shows with them.

Around that same time, our administration installed a secret agent (code name Order.RSS) within the ranks of Netlfix's leadership team. This individual was only a mission to collect ratings data, but chaos seemed to follow with each decision that was made. First, the agent convinced Netflix to overextend their budget, spending billions on half-baked TV shows for niche audiences and a dozen more Adam Sandler movies.

"That doesn't seem sustainable" TOPHATANT123 thought, but there is "enough stuff to keep me satisfied". Next, staff within the company began to speak out against offensive content and Netflix released a memo that just told them to "Leave".

Unfortunately, TOPHATANT123 had several family members working at Netflix that he now had to support so he shared his streaming service passwords with them until they could get back on their feet. The final blow was our agent's plan to crack down on password sharing.

"They had to make an example out of someone, I guess that was me" TOPHATANT stated in an interview. With the official verdict being a court ordered "cancellation" TOPHATANT123 was officially cut off from all media (strangely enough, posting to the NWR forums was still required as part of community service). Shortly before sentencing, a final public statement was released by TOPHATANT123 and merely stated "Let's get this over with".


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