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Coming soon to your TV: Safe Words 19
Hey there forum users! Do you like watching TV? Of course you do. And with so many streaming services available you obviously need some help deciding which ones to subscribe to and which ones to steal use through your friends account.
Lucky for you, the administration at NWR is forming a very exclusive panel to decide which streaming services will get bombed off the airwaves and which one will reign supreme. How exclusive you ask? Well you will need to sign up below for our special limited time trial of Safe.TV Words+ to find out. As a member of this panel you will be asked to select your favorite streaming service from the lists provided. So what are you waiting for...sign up now!
Premium Panel Members:

* Order.RSS
* Khushrenada
* NWR_insanolord
* Mop it up
* Luigi Dude
* BeautifulShy
* Stratos
* nickmitch
* ShyGuyTerms and Conditions

All panel members agree to the following terms and conditions
After sign-ups are closed, the panelists are randomly assorted into a selection rotation. In order, they are given a list of possible streaming services to subscribe to and must select one of them. Unbeknownst to them, one of these streaming services will bomb and take all subscribers with it. If you selected that streaming service when it was your turn to choose, then you lost. That streaming service will no longer be available, and a new one will be selected by the panelist that went right before the bomb was selected. If none of the remaining panelists choose the bomb service, then the panelist who selected it to start the round is forced to choose their own bomb service and is eliminated. This process is repeated until only one streaming service remains and is declared the winner. The order of players chosen will decided by the order they sign up, so sign up right away.
Message reminders
The administration will send panelists a pm alerting them to the fact the survey has begun. After that, it is up to the panelists to remember to check in on their own unless they notify the administration to send them a reminder when it is their turn.
Waiting for a selection
A generous time of 2 days (48 hours) is given for a panelist to select a service. If they've requested for me to send them a reminder when it is their turn, a message will be sent to alert them of that fact once it is their turn and 24 hours before their time to choose is up. If a choice has not been made by the end of the total 48 period, the panelist will be automatically given the bomb service and removed from the panel. The 48 hours begins from the timestamp of the post I make in this thread asking for their selection in the round.

I love tiny print! Subscribed!

I just read the fine print and I better sign up now!

Obviously I have to defend my title.

Mop it up:
Now this is something worth subscribing to.


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