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Radio Trivia Score Report for 9-13-2002


(Written by Jonnyboy117)

Game #1 - Killer Instinct (SNES)
Q: Killer Instinct was known as what other name for most of its early development?
<Rimmer> brute force

Game #2 - Ghosts 'n Goblins (NES)
Q: In the new GBA version of Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts, what factor determines your path through the game?
A: The armor you're wearing at the end of the first level. (No points awarded.)

Game #3 - Wario Land 4 (GBA)
Q: What is the name of the only collectable CD/song that can also be heard unaltered in the main game?
<Tavir> soft shell

Game #4 - Bomberman Generations (GC)
Q: When can you hear the Standard Battle theme music in the single player game?
<DR_EGGMAN> when boss is near death

Game #5 - Kirby's Block Ball (GB)
Q: What does level 4 introduce into the gameplay?
<Scorpedo> many balls

Tavir                1234
DR_EGGMAN        12
Tizoc                12
FFantasyFX        1
Magus                1
SS4Gogita        1
Vilespawn        1
MarioLinkSamus        1
Jyn                1
GarillazFan87        1
Rimmer                1
Mumbo                1
Scorpedo        1

Winner: Tavir with four points!  Congratulations!

Wario says: What's-a matter? Too many didn't get any points?! That's-a what happens when you forget about WARIO's games! NOW HURRY UP AND BUY WARIO LAND 4 BEFORE I-A GIVE YOU ANOTHER PILEDRIVER! NYAHAHAHAHHA!!!!11!1

Luigi says: OOooh. Such a scary date to be playing at night! I'm-a just happy Radio Trivia went-a Okey-Dokey! Now where did I put-a that old Poltergust. . .

TYP says: It was a crazy night. Games meant to be hard got more points than those meant to be easy. Players witnessed a rare example of when second guesses actually matter with Kirby's Blockball. I went full out with my Wario impression a la the Wario World E3 booth while playing Wario Land 4 live with direct feed audio. Those not present missed two TYP Moments. And let's not forget how Planet Trivia was effectively canceled thanks to ISP woes on Windy's end! I suppose nothing less is to be expected on Friday the 13th!  


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