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The Magister is Releasing September 2nd
« on: August 12, 2021, 08:49:06 AM »

Solving a murder with cards

The murder-mystery deck-building roguelike, The Magister, is coming to Switch on September 2nd. The news was shared by the game's publisher, Digerati, on Twitter.

The player will take control of the titular magister who is summoned to Silverhurst to solve a murder. You'll need to discover clues, complete quests, build a powerful deck, and upgrade your magister with traits and perks to find the killer. The central mystery will be randomly generated to have a different killer each run allowing subsequent playthroughs to continue to be engaging.

The game is being developed by Malaysian game developer Nerdook. They started their career making popular flash games on the browser-based hosting site Kongregate like Vertical Drop Heroes and Monster Slayers. Nerdook moved to releasing more ambitious games for PC and consoles with the HD remake of Vertical Drop Heroes in 2014.