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Seriously ... e-mail is really fixed this time.


First, I want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for being so incredibly patient and bearing with us while we worked the last few bugs out of our systems.  As it turns out, it was a fairly obscure DNS problem that was causing our e-mail failures, and those problems should now be resolved.  We have sent a few test mails to users who have been helping us out, and they have been received.  Now it time to have the rest of you try again!

If you did NOT receive your initial Forum password (or changed your e-mail, which sent a new password), goto this page and enter the e-mail address you registered with.  If you have NOT registered yet, please use the "join" button on the menu to get registered.

REMEMBER, a valid e-mail address is REQUIRED for you to use the Forums, and if you try to change your e-mail address, another random password will be sent to you.  If you try to give us a fake e-mail address, you'll be locked out of your account permanently.  


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