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Episode 814: North Korea Is Directly Responsible for the Worst Email I’ve Ever Read


The shocking part is our listeners didn't write it.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/63163/episode-814-north-korea-is-directly-responsible-for-the-worst-email-ive-ever-readThis week sets new standards for inefficiency. We really only managed to cover a single email AND A single New Business topic.Without Jon, I guess we just don't have the ruthless efficiency he demands. An unintentionally lengthy conversation about the psychology of Nintendo Directs gives way to a likewise-unintentionally long conversation about harvesting the last bits from the eShop.It's a Birth and Death narrative this week.You can send your emails here.RetroActive 52: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is coming up. Comments go here!

The direct talk this week was very interesting. I think calling it a communal event is absolutely correct. People treat directs as if they are products for their enjoyment in and of itself. With every direct I heard people saying things like "I enjoyed everything in the direct, but they announced things in the wrong order", or "why was this only on the Japanese direct". A critique that has nothing to do with the games themselves, but of the communal experience. In the case of the Japanese direct exclusives, in part the critique is for the benefit of an imaginary other person that is going about their day having not been given the chance to react to Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg.

The Nintendo Direct is a hit of dopamine, when they occur during the work day I find it hard to focus well after the direct has finished airing. It's a high and the fervour around their announcement is a form of withdrawal, as James said.

I also agree with Guillaume's point that the pre-direct discussion is getting old. I feel like that's why Nintendo made the lead times a lot shorter, so people don't work themselves up into a frenzy.

I feel like a lot of people who say they want a new F-Zero have never played it, but they say that because they know it will make for a good communal event.

I’m a bit surprised by the pre-direct individuals, as well, as Nintendo has actually been fairly consistent with “major” Direct scheduling for at least the last few years: there’s a February one, a June one, and a September one, with the smaller, game-specific directs usually being for titles that have already been announced. I just find it curious that people scream “WHEN is the next one coming?!” When it’s pretty obvious.

I used to anticipate Directs way more, but have backed off. Now, I am  pleasantly surprised when something is shown that catches my interest. I am pretty sure the biggest reaction I have ever given was intense fist pumps when Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pikmin 4 were revealed haha. But largely, the hype culture isn’t something I am interested in. I do enjoy talking about the reveals with my friends.


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