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Episode 813: Wario's Iconic Garlic


The line will stretch to the horizon.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/63109/episode-813-warios-iconic-garlicJon was unavailable, and will remain as such next week. Also unavailable: the notes I took during the recording session.Instead, here is a list of things I think I remember being in the show!
* Greg talks about the Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon demo
* Greg also has been playing Metroid Fusion, which was just added to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack
* Guillaume and Greg both have thoughts on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC Wave 4
* James is weird, talking about Salamander County Public TelevisionThe good news, I know what emails we talked about. This week we talk about better alternatives to Mario's boots and our feelings about the upcoming Tetris movie.Emails go here.RetroActive 52: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is coming up. Comments go here!

I totally hear what Greg is saying about the bright colors of Metroid Fusion not fitting the Metroid series, because they were intended to be seen on a screen without a backlight. I gotta admit though, I think I kind of love it. Not much more to offer on the discussion other than that, I’m afraid. Hoping for some more goods to come soon though. Was really hoping the Fusion Suit would be added to Prime Remastered since Fusion came out on NSO so quickly after the release… but that seems to be a lost opportunity.

I’m loving the new Mario Kart DLC. I play Tour often with Justin, and I believe that the reason the versions of the city tracks in MK8DX have different laps is because there are many variants of the city tracks in tour. The game is designed around a combo system to boost your score, so they took the city track and made a bunch of variations on it. Admittedly though, I think they have continued to go with the more generic versions with the DLC versions, which is a bummer. I wonder if “Mario Kart 9” will adopt a combo mode akin to Tour’s and include these tracks. Really really love Yoshi’s Island though. I love tracks based on other games. I’m hoping Super Mario Odyssey will get some love.

It’s still unclear though about some of the tracks being introduced to Tour first, but not being “from” Tour. Like Ninja Hideaway and Merry Mountain were released on Tour over a year before they came to MK8, but then you have others like Sky High Sundae coming out on both at about the same time, and I believe Yoshi’s Island was allegedly data mined in Tour before it was announced for MK8. There’s another original non-city course from Tour that just came out that I was surprised to not see in this batch, which is Piranha Plant Cove. I wonder if they were hesitant to include that in this round because of how many tracks from Tour came in this wave.


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