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Episode 807: This Podcast Is Significant


It is an important podcast.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/62691/episode-807-this-podcast-is-significantThis podcast is special.This podcast is unique.This podcast is... uh... a change agent!Wait, no.It's 9.75 out of 10. It's the missing 0.25 that carries the message.I'm not even sure what we're doing here right now.Important New Business!James has just stared Fire Emblem Engage and he has important thoughts on the first important 40 minutes. He also has impactful impressions of escape room game The House of Di Vinci.Greg and Jon have been playing the just-released groundbreaking first person shooter GoldenEye 007, now on the N64 Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass and patched into (digital only) copies of Rare Replay on Xbox.Greg also has moving early thoughts on Bayonetta 3.Guillaume has iconic impressions of Blue Dragon, the early Xbox 360 RPG from Mistwalker.Lastly, Jon has captivating impressions of Monster Hunter Rise on PS5 and Wave Race 64.Okay, this is taking way too long. We only tackle a single email this week: can a funny game get universe 10 out of 10s. You can send us your important questions here.

This episode is significant.

After listening, this episode was indeed significant.

I concur with others here, this was a significant episode.

Goldeneye was a game I remember playing as a kid, but when I tried going back to it, I found myself having a very hard time enjoying it. Not sure with the online, I am interested in it. But, it’s very cool that it is available for people who are interested in checking it out.

I’m hoping to get to Bayonetta 3 eventually. I really enjoyed the past two games… especially 2. Even with all of it’s over the top flair, the gameplay is really solid in that series!

I recall playing the game Goldeneye when I was younger, but when I went to play it again, I found that I was finding it really difficult to enjoy it. I'm not sure about the online, but I'm curious. However, the fact that it is accessible to anyone who are interested in checking it out is really wonderful.  basketball stars


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