Author Topic: Mafia LXXXVIII: Hey Pikmin, Four...m A Mafia! List of Players.  (Read 2083 times)

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Mafia LXXXVIII: Hey Pikmin, Four...m A Mafia! List of Players.
« on: January 31, 2022, 02:53:43 AM »

Order.RSS - Townie
Stratos - Olimar
ThePerm - Emperor Bulblax/Chief Detective
TOPHATANT123 - Scornet Maestro/Doctor Red Pikmin


NWR_insanolord - Giant Breadbug/Rookie Cop (Killed by Mafia Hit)
pokepal148 - Smoky Progg/The Killer (Killed by Vigilante Hit)
BeautifulShy - Red Pikmin (Killed by Damage Effect)
Crimm - Townie (Killed by Day Vote)
Mop it up - Townie (Killed by Mafia Hit)
Xander - Yellow Pikmin (Killed by Day Vote)
lolmonade - Townie (Killed by Bomb Rock)
Plugabugz - Burrowing Snagret/Vote Master (Killed by Mafia Hit)
ShyGuy - Red Pikmin (Killed by Day Vote)
nickmitch - Townie (Killed by Mafia Hit)
Stevey - Careening Dirigibug/The Bomber (Killed by Vigilante)
MASB - Blue Pikmin (Killed by Day Vote)
Luigi Dude - Townie (Killed by Mafia Hit)
Wah - Baldy Long Legs/The Vigilante (Killed by Bomb Rock)
Bungle5 - Townie (Killed by Day Vote)

Roles Still Active


Careening Dirigibug (Bomber)
Smoky Progg (Killer)

Pikmin Mafia

Captain Olimar (The Godfather)
Red Pikmin
Yellow Pikmin
Blue Pikmin


Emperor Bulblax (Chief Detective)
Giant Breadbug (Rookie Cop)
Scornet Maestro (Townie Doctor)
Burrowing Snagret (Vote Master)
Baldy Long Legs (Vigilante)

And there is 1 regular townie still alive.
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Re: Mafia LXXXVIII: Hey Pikmin, Four...m A Mafia! List of Players.
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2022, 03:58:01 AM »
I just want to say that the Harvest Moon mafia game made me go back and start a new file in Stardew Valley to replace the one I lost, which I'm very happy about, and now I'm sure this game will make me start a new playthrough of Pikmin 3.
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