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In an effort to educate our users, we've posted a Planet GameCubeForums FAQ on the website.  It's always available by the new "faq" link on the Menu Bar.

You "old timers" might remember this as the Forums Etiquette post from the ezBoard Forums.  Regardless, while not following these "rules" probably won't get you banned intially, if you start annoying other users because you can't conform, you'll likely be banned as a result.

Play nice.  

It looks like a lot of our newer users haven't seen this FAQ, so I'm bumping this up.  Please read through the entire FAQ, but especially note the points posted below.  Always consider whether your post is worth saying.  Forums aren't the same as chat rooms, and if you leave a bunch of pointless mess behind, people coming in after a couple days have to sift through it to find the discussion.

Don't make "Me Too" posts. If you're going to bother posting at all, have something to SAY. You don't need to tell everyone that you agree, or just post a winky face. The amount of data that needs to be downloaded when you post just a couple of words is significant. Forums allow everyone to have a voice, and to make that voice heard. That's a lot of power ... so make sure you have something to SAY if people are going to be listening. Otherwise, it'll be a case of "the boy who cried 'wolf'" where no one will listen to anything you have to say, since it was all worthless in the past.

Keep your posts on topic. We've broken up the Forum by categories to make it easier for everyone to find information and discussions on various subjects. Your message is more likely to be heard in the proper place. And it's more likely to be removed outright if it's not. You might think that posting in a highly trafficked thread is a quick way to get your message lost in the shuffle, but it's more likely to get lost when no one is looking for it where you posted it.
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